The Marco Polo Experience

You’re a traveler. You always have been. There’s nothing like putting that backpack on and just going. No concrete plans, no place you absolutely need to be…that’s how you like it best. You’re not fancy, you can have a great time in almost any situation. It’s much more about the people you meet than the expensive, picturesque meals for your Instagram feed.

You get that travel itch - it’s been a little while and you need to go exploring. You’re not sure where, but you know you want warmth, water, and a place with a great night life. You prefer traveling on a budget so that you can travel more places more often, so it needs to be a place that isn’t too expensive to get to. And then Google gives you the best idea you’ve had all year. Cheap flight, cheap food, beautiful island in the Mediterranean, and a legendary night life for international travelers. You find a hostel with a rooftop bar and fantastic reviews…solo traveling backpackers love it there. Before you know it, you’re on your way to Malta.

Summer Breeze by Tobu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported—
CC BY 3.0
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